Job-seeking advice from a Veteran working at VA

Darren Sherrard, VA’s Associate Director of Healthcare Recruitment and Marketing, knows a thing or two about finding a fulfilling career. And as a Veteran, he has a unique perspective on the matter. So to help you with your search, we’re highlighting some job-seeking tips he shared in his two-part series on job-seeking.

Build your network
After retiring from the military, Darren started networking with recruiters and other professionals associated with his desired line of work. From career fairs to interviews, he did whatever he could to get his name and qualifications out there. And along the way, he would assess how well he was doing and identify ways he could do better next time. Today, he continues to expand his network with new contacts, mentors, leaders and even past co-workers, keeping up with them on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Further your education
Continued education can help you set yourself apart from other candidates with comparable experience. That’s why Darren obtained a Bachelor’s degree and developed a “hunger for life-long learning.” He’s always studying and researching to stay up on best practices and industry trends. And this commitment to continuous self-improvement has undoubtedly played an integral part in his success.

Find your fit
Another key to Darren’s success is he loves what he does. When looking for open positions, he focused on those most suited for his talents, experience, education, goals, interests and preferences – and he suggests you do the same. That means reading job descriptions in their entirety and taking a close look at corporate career sites. You should also consider using resources like, which can help you gain a better understanding of a company’s culture. The more you know, the better.

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